Na Rani Nee Maharani

Na Rani Nee Maharani

Twin let-down

One is the mischief maker-in-chief of the village, while the other is an actress who visits the village to shoot for a film. As different as chalk and cheese they share the same facial features, like twins...

This is no Chaalbaaz or even Sita Aur Gita though their ‘inspiration’ is hard to miss. Yet, comparisons with the Malashri-starrer Rani Maharani are inevitable, with the director trying to remind the audience of his old hit with the remix version of the koli masala song.

A cute Pooja in a nice red number doesn’t help matters, with her cute expressions. More attention should have been paid to little details in the screenplay - the sparse audience was willing the actors to bring the story to its logical end. But the loose ends are too many - an unpardonable crime when it is the director’s 50th film.

Pooja’s comic timing, guileless smile and her finally understanding the nuances of the local language - nothing can be faulted. But the actress in her is not given full scope and her characterisation is one of the weak points of the film.

Ramamurthy’s archaic approach strangles the life created by a couple of Vinay Chandra’s songs.

The music director is one to watch out for. The same cannot be said of Mallikarjun’s camerawork which compliments Ramamurthy’s old habits.

Only the bunch of kids and Pooja’s dhishoom-dhishoom in a lovely pink saree in the climax manage to linger. A wasted opportunity.