Akhil steals the show in karting meet

Prakriya School’s Akhil Rabindra (centre) shows off his spoils along with Cathedral High School’s  Darshan (left) and BCBS’ Rubeel M Saleem who finished second and third respectively at the Amaron Karting Challenge.

The youngster, who sped past the chequered flag in a time of 5:03.680, finished the 15-lap race ahead of Cathedral High School’s Darshan (5:06.159) and BCBS’ Rubeel M Saleem (5:06.410).

After a great run in the semifinals, Akhil jumped into the lead on the very first left-hand curve. Darshan and Rubeel crossed each other on several occasions but the former held on to the lead.

On the second hair-pin of the third lap, Rubeel, finally, made his way past Darshan with a gentle under-steer and heavy throttle on the exit.

Darshan, evidently furious with Rubeel’s apparent under cut, fixed his foot on the accelerator and made his intentions clear with several attempts at a pass but was only able to get through in the tenth.

While the battle for second and third waged on, Akhil glided around the course with pristine precision and held on to a healthy lead for the win.

Darshan and Rubeel, seperated by seconds, barely gave each other an inch, but in the end it was the former who finished second.

Results: School category (15 laps): Akhil Rabindra (Prakriya, 5:03.680) 1; Darshan (Cathedral High School, 5:06.159) 2; Rubeel M Saleem (BCBS, 5:06.410) 3; Akash Gowda (Indus International School, 5:07.082) 4; Prakyath Rai (St Joseph’s PUC, 5:07.961) 5; Abhiram (Bishop Cotton Boys’ High School, 5:19.357) 6.

Endurance category (30 minutes non stop): Road Runners (30:06.482, 69 laps) 1; Team Avalanche (30:20.443, 69 laps) 2; APR Racing (30:24.155, 68 laps) 3.

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