Makki Shasthavu temple fair from December 16

A partial view of Makki temple.DH Photos

Temple fairs are held twice a year. Festivals will be in the month of December and May.

‘Ethu herata,’ ‘Deeparadhane,’ Ajjappa’ and ‘Vishnumurthy kola’ are some of the unique celebrations held as part of the temple festivals. The temple fair will be held between December 16 and 18. The deeparadhane (Andibolak) will be held on December 17 at 10 pm and Ajjappa and Chamundi kola will be held on December 18.

The temple is revered by the devotees. It is believed that wishes will be fulfiled after praying for the Makki Temple.

If one climbs the steps, one will get a ‘katte’. A jackfruit tree is situated in the middle of the ‘katte’ which looks like holding umbrella to Shasthavu God. There are hundreds of dogs made of mud around the God. The belief here is that, you make a wish and if it comes true, you have to go to the temple in person and offer to the deity an idol made of mud.

There are no sanctum sanctorum or gopura in the temple. Makki Shastaavu utsav will be held only for two days. ‘Deeparadhane’ will be held on the first day followed by the sounds of chende in the surroundings of the temple. During Vishnumurthy kola, the person who enacts Vishnumurthy walks on the burning charcoal. Makki temple is one of the holy temple for the people of the region. 

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