Home it brought its master dead

Worth its salt

This humane act of the ox has become the talk of the town and earned appreciation among the people here. The single ox-driven cart was the means of livelihood for Ramachandra and his wife Mahadevamma, who have been living in Dr B R Ambedkar extension in Chamarajanagar for the past 20 years.

According to Mahadevamma, Ramachandra left for Santhemarahalli in his bullock cart loaded with electric goods to be unloaded at Santhemarahalli. Later, after unloading the electric items there, he proceeded towards the city.

It is said when he was nearing Madapura it started drizzling and he was riding the cart in the rain. Hemant, a lorry driver residing in his layout who met him on the way asked him to halt and proceed, but Ramachandra did not heed to his advice and carried on, it is said.
Later, he is believed to have suffered a massive cardiac arrest and collapsed on the cart.

The ox, not receiving any instructions, slowly moved and reached Santhemarahalli Circle and when the people there noticed that he was dead, they immediately informed his family.

The anxious family members began a search for the cart but were moved at the sight of the ox reaching their house with the body of Ramachandra. Initially, the family members thought that Ramachandra was unconscious and took him to a hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead. Mahadevamma told Deccan Herald that they were dependent on the earnings of ox-driven cart which they bought around one-and-a-half-year ago.

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