NRI surgeon left prostitute dead in bed for 2 days

On drugs binge

Suresh Surendranath Nair and another prostitute sat watching while Suellen Domingues Zaupa lay convulsing on his bed, gripped by cocaine toxicity and bleeding from the mouth, a court heard, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Every now and then the Australian-trained surgeon, 42, would snort another line of cocaine, appearing “relaxed” while Carmen Hernandez Cardona slapped Zaupa in panic, trying to wake her up.

At one point Nair snatched a mobile phone from Cardona’’s hand as she tried to call an ambulance, explaining he was worried about how he would account for the presence of a startling amount of cocaine in his Elizabeth Bay home.

It was only when Zaupa stopped shaking and appeared to lose consciousness that the trained caregiver in Nair was roused. He performed chest compressions while Cardona tried giving her mouth-to-mouth.

It was all too late. Zaupa died in his bed and was not found until November 21, while Nair tracked down three more escorts and continued partying in a hotel in Circular Quay.

It was not until after his arrest over Zaupa’s death that the NSW Medical Board suspended the University of Sydney graduate’s registration.

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