It's the final countdown...

It's the final countdown...


It's the final countdown...

 GOOD START Ensure your safety tonight.Despite being the most happening night of the year, your New Year’s Eve can turn ugly if you don’t take certain precautions. The authorities may promise that the City is completely safe. However, it’s extremely important for you to take personal care of yourself and reach home safe after the party. With a number of mischief-mongers and drunk people out on the roads on New Year’s, Metrolife asks Bangaloreans on the precautions they are planning to take on New Year’s Eve.

Says Bhavanari Anil Kumar, a network engineer, “The basic thing to keep in mind is to not drink and drive. And if you are on a bike, wear a helmet.” He adds, “If you get caught in a ruckus with a group of drunk people, the best is to talk it out and sort things out sensibly.”

If you are throwing a house party, then you need to be even more careful as you are responsible not just for yourself, but for many others. Giri Chittur, a brand manager, throws a house party every New Year. “Being a host, I make sure that people either stay back or have a designated driver amongst them who doesn’t drink,” he notes. “I also don’t let my guests get on the road right after 12 am. I make them stay back for sometime, probably till 2 am, as the most number of troublemakers are out on the road right after midnight,” he adds. “Be careful of others when you are driving on the road and drive slowly as you never know who might speed up,” he advises.

It’s safe to take a cab if you are drunk, feels Raghuram, a second PUC student of Christ Junior College. “Firstly because it’s unsafe to drink and drive. Secondly, there are many cops on the roads. So if you are caught drinking and driving, you might have to spend the night behind bars and that’s surely not a good way to start the New Year,” quips Raghuram. “If you come across a mob creating trouble, the best is to walk away. Plus don’t create a racket yourself. It’s ok to wish others but not shout and make a noise. You’ll only disturb everyone and draw unnecessary attention to yourself.”

Do’s and don’ts

* Refrain from consuming too much alcohol. Liquor is the root cause for most problems like fights, arguments, bets and speeding on roads.

* If you are hosting a party, stop serving alcohol well before the party is over and if you are consuming alcohol, have some non-alcoholic drinks or water in between.

* Always wear your helmet and cover yourself up completely if you are on a bike.

* Don’t be out on the road alone. This holds true especially  for women. Always stay in groups.

*And most importantly, do not drink and drive!