Aarushi's parents to fight CBI closure report

The Central Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday sought to close the murders of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar and domestic help Hemraj as an unsolved case, citing lack of evidence.

Her parents, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar, have consulted  their lawyers and are now planning to file a protest petition against the CBI’s closure report.

“We will be filing a protest petition at the magisterial court where the closure report has been filed,”the parent’s lawyer, Rebecca John, said. The family still has to see the CBI report, which lies in a sealed envelope in the court.

She said that the protest petition is usually filed by the complainant. “Here, the matter is a bit complicated, as Rajesh Talwar had also been an accused. But, we will anyhow file the protest petition seeking that the case may not be closed,”added John.

The parents are also seeking to meet CBI director Amar Pratap Singh.  According to reports, the CBI had mentioned in its closure report that it had not been able to establish either the motive, find the murder weapon or establish that there was forced entry into the house.

The parents insist that the investigative agency should have conducted a highly-sensitive forensic test, called Touch DNA. “We sought a very advance DNA test the Touch DNA test which would have proved who was the assailant. But it appears they haven’t done the test,” said John.

However, according to a forensic expert, the Touch DNA test may not helped too much in this case. “The touch DNA test is not considered a very robust evidence anywhere in the world as chances of contamination of a sample are very high,”J Nagaraju, director in-charge and molecular genetics scientist at the CDFD, said.

Meanwhile, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were flooded with livid reactions on Thursday.

“I am furious to know that the evidence has been tampered with and that CBI has closed the case. What kind of impression does the legal system of our country portray to the rest of the world? This is absolutely outrageous!!”US-based Kritika Bharadwaj posted on Facebook.

Former Union law minister Shanti Bhushan viewed the closure report as the CBI’s “failure”. “If the CBI is not able to find any evidence in the case despite being the premier investigating agency of the country and is filing its closure report, it means that the case has reached a dead end. It is the CBI’s failure,” Bhushan said.

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