State is purgatory for pensioners

State is purgatory for pensioners

State is purgatory for pensioners

Delay in delivery of services, non-issue of receipts in ration shops, non-responsiveness of staff, irregular pension payment, payment of bribes for services... These are some of the findings of a State Government commissioned survey on the quality of service delivery in seven key sectors in the State.

The survey was done by Public Affairs Centre (PAC), Bangalore, across the State about two months ago. PAC has analysed the quality of the services and the beneficiaries’ response to public transport, public distribution system, pension scheme, Government high schools, PHCs and district hospitals, Nemmadi Kendras and Veterinary health care services. The survey has found that 32 per cent of people have paid bribes to get these services, except for public transport and Nemmadi Kendra.

However, the highest bribe being paid by people is for pensions. Retirees have to pay bribe to receive monthly pension, the survey found. The findings were presented at a high-level meeting of officials chaired by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa on Friday.
PAC has also found that people’s awareness of their entitlements is extremely low. Complete satisfaction with these services ranges from 59 per cent to 91 per cent. Among four divisions, Mysore and Belgaum have received lower ratings as far as overall satisfaction is concerned.

Public transport
As many as 46 per cent of people have said current bus fares are very high and about 37 per cent have said buses are over-crowded. Nearly 40 per cent of respondents said they are either dissatisfied or partially-satisfied with the public transport system, including BMTC and KSTRC services.

However, the survey said, 66 per cent of respondents have reported that the bus service is better than what it was two years ago.

Pension woes
According to the survey, senior citizens are badly affected due to lapses in implementation of the pension scheme. It takes 94 days on an average for a person to get sanction for pension. Besides, a person has to spend an average Rs 502 to arrange documents to file the pension application. Only 27 per cent pensioners have reported to be getting monthly pensions regularly, the survey revealed.

Schools for scams
Corruption seems to have creeped into government schools also. The survey has found that nearly 43 per cent of students who paid their fee did not get the receipt. Besides, nearly 47 per cent of government high schools do not have audio video facility and 63 per cent do not have laboratory facility.

Some Nemmadi
According to the survey, not many complaints were received against Nemmadi Kendras, where important documents like caste and income certificates and land records are issued to people. The highest level of satisfaction has been reported with regard to Nemmadi Kendras, the survey stated.

*46 % people said current bus fares are very high
*37 % said Government-run buses are over-crowded
*51 % said fair price shops not measuring items properly
*81 % said fair price shops are not open on all working days
*60 % did not get receipts for purchases made
*It takes an average of 94 days for a person to get pension sanctioned
*An average pension application requires expenditure of Rs 502
*16 % reported having paid bribe to get treatment for
*21 % of Govt high schools have no toilets
n50 % said bedsheets are not changed everyday in district hospitals