Pro-Qadri website registered on fake India address

Pro-Qadri website registered on fake India address

A day after Elite Force policeman Mumtaz Qadri gunned down the outspoken Governor on January 4 for criticising the controversial blasphemy law, the website appeared on the Internet.

The website features several videos that show Qadri singing 'naats' or hymns, including one in which he is shown on stage with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder.

There is also a message justifying the killing of Taseer for "inviting God's anger".

Civil society activists, who are trying to get the website shut down, found out details regarding the registration of the website today.

The registration service for the site was provided by VAIOWEB and it was registered by M M K Waqar.

The address given for the registration is Noor Hospital, Delhi, Karnataka, 67890, India – obviously a fake as there is no town or city named Delhi in Karnataka state.

The telephone number listed for the registration – + 91.7567654323 – too appears to be fake as it does not match any of the STD codes for Karnataka.

Taseer's assassination has exposed the deep divide within Pakistani society.

Over 40,000 supporters of hardline groups, including the Jamaat-ud-Dawah, rallied in support of the blasphemy law and Taseer's assassin in Karchi yesterday.

Qadri has also been feted by lawyers and members of religious groups during court appearances.

Crowds showered rose petals on Qadri and scores of lawyers have offered to defend him free of charge.

Liberals have mounted smaller protests against the assassination and efforts to eulogise Qadri.

They are also active in cyberspace, where they have initiated efforts to shut down Facebook pages set up for Qadri.

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