Sloppy babus leave gaping holes in BBMP coffers

Sloppy babus leave gaping holes in BBMP coffers

Blaming the revenue officials for their gross negligence in collecting taxes across the City, the chairman said that this had cost the Palike exchequer dearer.

Citing an example, Gangabhyraiah said that in the National Games Village, Koramangala, alone, the revenue department had failed to collect property tax of Rs 2.6 crore in the last 12 years from the Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) quarters.

The Palike had the opportunity to collect a minimum of Rs 1.22 crore per annum from 1,560 plots belonging to KHB in the vicinity of Koramangala, he said.

The chairman lambasted the officials for failing to maintain the records of the Palike’s expenditure and revenue. The anomaly came to light over the past two months during his inspection drives. Narrating another incident, Gangabhyraiah said BBMP had failed to register its own property.

The Palike had purchased four flats at Prestige St John Wood Apartments in Tavarekere at a total cost of Rs 2.47 crore in 2007. Till date, the BBMP has not registered the same.

Lying vacant

“BBMP has even failed to maintain records on officials who had been occupying the flats and the amount spent on their maintenance since the allotment.

Presently, these flats are lying vacant inflicting a loss to BBMP’s exchequer,” said Gangabhyraiah. Further, it has been noted that despite the expiry of lease period of 221 BBMP properties, the authorities have made no efforts to seek Government approval for renewal of leases or collection of fee, he said.