Return of sunshine yellow

Return of sunshine yellow

 A New Year is here and as we look at the trends in decoration, we notice a definite positive shift. Award-winning designers across the world are stating that we are collectively feeling a lot better about life in general and the Economy in particular and this is reflected in our decoration choices.

What leads decorators to this assessment?  It is the advent of colour in our spaces. It appears that one of the most popular colours this year will be a bright cheery yellow! This is interpreted as “sunnier days ahead.”

“But isn’t yellow way too bright for my wall,” you wonder. Not really; when the yellow is paired with popular blue shades such as turquoise, teal, denim, or peacock, the result is striking but not gaudy.

The ‘optimistic yellow’ also pairs well with rich shades of brown and the ever-popular charcoal grey. These trends in striking interiors have been influenced by what is called the ‘Avatar effect.’ Who can forget the enthralling 3D images of ‘Avatar’ last year? Now you can bring those effects home by creating wallpapers, fabrics and walls with those colours and geometric shapes.

Interior decorators are also predicting the return of ‘shine’ in decor – use of high gloss material particular in kitchens and bathrooms.

The furniture you buy can complement these colours. Modern and traditional styles can come together to create a very effective result.This should not be overdone so don’t attempt this fusion all over the house in all pieces of furniture, just one or two. Last but not the least, let your taste direct you towards one original piece of Art to be a centre piece of your newly decorated home. No one can tell you what to buy – let your instinct be your guide. 

Once you are on the road to a positive change in your decor, even if you are not feeling great, you are bound to see a rise in your spirits as you enjoy living in your chic home!