The funkier, the better

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It’s also about aesthetics. Emphasis on gold is passe, stones and other ethnic deigns are in. A heavy lehenga gels well with simple jewellery and so does a simple lehenga with heavy  jewellery. The thrust is on looking good without appearing too dolled up.

Metrolife spoke to jewellery designer Amrita Hans and asked her to delve into how neck pieces have assumed a new meaning in the last couple of years. Amrita states that she designs necklaces that double up as statement pieces. Amrita designs the chunkier neckpieces in addition to the lighter ones. She points out that fashion jewellery has taken the place of gold. Not that it has totally replaced gold but people prefer wearing funky jewellery to gold. “It’s the brilliant designs, and the ability to have a different set of jewellery to complement different outfits that has got women hooked on to these pieces of jewellery,” she says.

Women nurture strong tastes when it comes to choosing jewellery. Amrita observes that metals such as silver are suitable for neckpieces. She also uses garnets, silver beads and smokey topaz, pearls and silver buttons for a funkier look and the ethnic neckpieces are made from rubies and emeralds. Amrita has also designed what is known as a jewelled scarf  in which she has used semi-precious stones. She weaves them into printed silk that gives it a distinct look.

Amrita designs her neckpieces in such a way that it can be worn with both Indian and Western outfits. “I have lived and grown up in different parts of the country and travelled across the world. I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate all the elements of design I’ve observed from across the world,” reasons Amrita. 

Most women make a conscious effort to match the jewellery to the outfit. Amrita has a few suggestions. She points out that a chunky colourful neckpiece could be worn out on a plain outfit. “Embroidered and embellished clothes don’t match a chunky neckpiece. Plain dresses contrast attractive jewellery. The neckline is important when you wear neckpieces. A V cut or a U-shaped would be perfect,” says Amrita. Amrita thinks it’s important to accessorise thoughtfully when you wear an attractive neckpiece. “You could match the colour of your bag to the outfit or you could even match the outfit to the shoes. But make sure you don’t wear a heavy neckpiece and an equally heavy earring.
That would be odd,” she signs off.

Points to remember

*Dress in keeping with the season.
* The neckline is important to show-off the neckpiece.
* Make sure the earrings aren’t bigger than the necklace.
* The make-up must not go overboard. 

(Published 16 January 2011, 11:41 IST)

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