Islamic seminary issues fatwa prohibiting prophecy by Muslims

Islamic seminary issues fatwa prohibiting prophecy by Muslims

The fatwa was issued this month by the Islamic seminary in response to a person's query whether prophecy can be practised in Islam.

The seminary also cited the Sharia in support of its edict saying the sacred law of Islam prohibits soothsaying.

Another query in this regard asked the seminary if prophecy was the prerogative of Allah, how could Prophet Mohammad foresee the death of Abu Zahal in one of the key Islamic battles- the battle of Badr?

To this Darul Uloom Deoband replied that while it was the prerogative of Allah to foretell the timing and place of a person's death, there was nothing wrong in the prophet prophecying something on the basis of what he was told by Allah.

Another fatwa issued by the seminary prohibited earning interest on money deposited in a bank but said if a person deposits money in the bank with the intention of repaying his loan then he can avail interest on the same.

Yet another fatwa issued in response to a person's failure to quit smoking despite swearing by the Holy Quran, asked the guilty to atone for his sin by feeding at least 10 poor people twice or one detitute for ten days.

However, Deoband has already clarified that issuing fatwas is an attempt to resolve personal queries and that putting them into practice depends on individuals.

"In fact, fatwas are neither orders nor suggestions. Fatwas are mere answers to a question referring a particular situation or context as per the Quran and Hadis," Maulana Khalid Rasheed of the Darul Uloom Farangimahal has said expressing concern over 'fatwas' often being misinterpreted.