Courses in Urdu, Arabic

Courses in Urdu, Arabic

The University is offering Bachelor of Arts programme in Urdu and a certificate programme in the Arabic language.

While the Urdu programme is essentially meant for those who can speak Hindi and Urdu but do not know how to read, write and correctly pronounce the words, the programme in Arabic aims at a gradual and systematic coaching to read, write and speak the language. |

Both these programmes will help students in developing and improving script writing and pronunciation skills. The minimum duration to complete the programmes is one year and the maximum is three years.

Courses to improve teaching

In a bid to improve the quality of teaching in the country, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has launched two new post-graduate courses for serving and potential teachers. The two courses are - Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management and Administration (PGDEMA) and Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management (PGDSLM).

The PGDEMA aims at improving the individual performances of teachers as educational managers and leaders while upgrading their skills in areas such as interpersonal relationship, leadership, strategic planning and decision-making.

The PGDSLM programme focuses on developing essential skills, competencies and values needed for effective school leadership management, improve the overall performance of the school, and develop a trained and competent cadre of head teachers/ principals.

According to the varsity, a graduate in any discipline is eligible to pursue these courses - ranging from one to three years. The programme will cost Rs 5,000. There are no age restrictions.