Saudi Police seek help to identify dead Indian

Saudi Police seek help to identify dead Indian

Local newspapers quoted officers as saying that the man had an expired sponsorship (No 2170601401) in his possession.

According to this document, which expired three years ago, the man is an Indian national named Pannampillai Mohitheen and his profession was listed as labourer.

Authorities have so far been unable to trace the man's sponsor and his passport details are also unknown.

The police have contacted an Indian social service group to help identify the man whose body is at a morgue in Riyadh's Shumaisi district.

Mohideen Kutty, a member of the social service group, said the man can be identified if his proper passport details were available.

"It's an arduous task to identify dead people when hospital authorities possess only names and nationalities of the dead," Kutty told Arab News.

He said around 100 people from the Indian community in the Kingdom die each month in accidents or due to natural causes and that some 2 million Indians live in the Kingdom.