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Colours of life

Today, this blog has become the blog to go to, among a handful of Indian interior decor blogs, for any inspiration on interior decor, with specific reference to Indian sensibilities.

The woman who runs the blog is Archana Srinivas, a Bangalore-based former advertising and web-designing professional.

Her blog is full of colourful pictures, apart from simple do-it-yourself decor ideas. She started the blog way back in January 2007, immediately after she started her personal blog ‘Rang-the Colours of Life’ Rang Decor features interior design ideas which have an inherent Indian sensibility.

It also features various traditional Indian arts & crafts and showcases work by Indian artists & painters. The blog also features a space, where readers can share ideas and pictures of their homes. Some of the simple tips she offers on her blog include:

“Fresh flowers bring in happiness, positivity and cheer into one's home. I buy flowers from my local florist and keep them in special corners in my home.

“Most of all I love floating flowers in urlis, terracotta containers, brass plates and even in my Ikea cup.

“Try floating some rose petals or even wild flowers picked up from your garden in a bowl and see the beauty it brings in.

“Bring in some plants. Rather than just place the plants as it is, I like to place them in little ceramic mugs/bowls or brass vessels or cane baskets. Try it and you'll see how beautiful the space becomes. “ Elsewhere, on another blogpost on walls, she says:

“Paint them, peel them, stencil them, plaster them, madhubani them, block-print them, hand-paint them, wall-paper them....Gone are the days when walls were plain and their purpose was to house paintings, today they are the paintings.”