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Last Updated : 21 January 2011, 14:57 IST
Last Updated : 21 January 2011, 14:57 IST

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Our destination was Ranipuram, a hill station located in Kasargod district nestling at the foot of the Western Ghats.

We were a group of students who decided to undertake a trekking to the hills.

Ranipuram, known as the Ooty of Kasargod district is located about 48 kilometres east of Kanhangad on the Panathoor Road branching off at Panathady. It lies about 2,460 feet above the sea-level and is located adjacent to  Bhagamandala forest range in Karnataka.

As we started climbing nature reigned supreme everywhere. There was an all enveloping silence around. The only sound which we heard were the twittering of birds and the sweet rustle of leaves as gust of wind rattled the forest trees. Sun was blazing down from an azure blue sky and its rays were filtering through the green canopy of leaves. It was cool under the trees and the forest was filled with varieties of flora and fauna. One of our friends was familiar with the place as he had undertaken several trips to the hills.

He carried a pick axe in his hand and with it, he slowly hacked off the intervening shrubs to cut a path along the jungle paths. We walked silently observing the wonders of nature and its enchanting beauty. The narrow path was filled with stones and pebbles which made our onward movement difficult. It was green everywhere, the tiny leaves were glistening with dew drops and appeared like tiny diamonds cast far and wide. The light filtering through the leafy tangles above created ghostly figures on the forest floor carpeted with dried leaves. As we moved on, we noticed a rivulet containing crystal clear water.

The stream was flowing gently rolling on moss covered rocks. We filled our water bottles from the stream. The sparkling water which we drank rejuvenated our spirits.

Despite the arduous trekking, we did not get exhausted easily because the cold winds were blowing across the Coorg hills.

It seemed to apply a cool and soothing balm on our body. As we mounted the hill many narrow paths zigzagged across our way. I was reminded of Robert frost poem “The road not taken,” though the poet chose a path less traveled we were fortunate to walk down the path most traveled as we feared of getting lost in the forest.

We reached the top of the hills eventually and were fascinated to see the beautiful valley far below.

It was million dollar sight! We walked barefoot through the wet meadow. Another interesting attraction was the phantom rocks.

The rocks added more beauty to the mountains. The place was surrounded on sides by the serrated blue line of the Western Ghats.

There was a  herd of deer gracing contentedly on the opposite hills far away. They appeared like tiny creatures. We climbed the phantom rock to get a birds eye view of the area and we felt as if we had touched the sky. We walked a long distance atop the jungle clad hills to watch the sheer craftsmanship of nature. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and basked ourselves in the glory of the Mother Nature.

How to reach

All trains from Mangalore station stops in Kanhangad. There are buses to Panathur on the Kerala-Karnataka border. Alight at Panathadi and taxis can be engaged to Ranipuarm. There are cottages in Ranipuram. One can undertake trekking to the hills from Ranipuram.

Published 21 January 2011, 14:55 IST

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