Poor implementation of traffic rules irk citizens

Poor implementation of traffic rules irk citizens

The residents of the city demand district administration to bring in change

The district which is tagged as the most backward district in the state is also home to poorly managed traffic, making it worse for people!

Though there are serious violations of traffic rules in city, the police have made little efforts for the implementation of discipline among the road users, particularly the youth. Even as the city corporation limits in the state are imposing fines to strictly implement the helmet rule and book cases on other traffic violations, the police in district are turning a blind eye to the serious traffic violations like over-speeding, drunken driving, horn sounds beyond permissible levels and others.

The traffic police who should be manning the busy Pachappa circle through the day are only seen for few hours in the morning. Traffic lights also seen lit up during few hours of the morning. As the police move away from their place not to return till next morning, the two wheelers and other road users have field day till night. The youth continue to honk loudly infront of schools, colleges and hospitals. Though, the police department conducted few traffic awareness week last month, there is little effect on the youngsters who continue to ride in high speed. The indiscipline on roads is palpable on the first sight, on important roads in city.

Adding to the woes is the poor maintenance of the traffic sign boards. Bad sign boards are also an eyesore at places like double road and LIC road, etc. There is also very little effort done to put up sign boards in front of the schools and colleges to prevent accidents.

The members of public are irked by the poor traffic management on the part of police.