Binayak's mom pitches for Ilina Sen

Binayak's mom pitches for Ilina Sen

Anasua Sen: It is unfair. Now they are after my daughter-in-law Ilina.

It comes a day after Anasua Sen, 88, Binayak Sen’s mother, described as “unfair” the police case against his wife Ilina for allegedly not informing the security forces about the participation of foreigners in a conference she had organised in Maharashtra.

“It is unfair. Now they are after my daughter-in-law Ilina,” Anasua Sen said at a convention. “I’m confident my son will be out of the jail very soon.”

In a veiled criticism of West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan’s opposition to the support extended to Binayak Sen by intellectuals across India, Ghosh said: “It’s high time for those in government to ponder over why so many people are sympathising for Sen.”

Maharashtra police had filed a case against Ilina under the Foreigners’ Act after three foreign delegates participated at the 13th National Conference for the Indian Association of Women’s Studies (IAWS) at  Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University in Wardha.

“There was a conference on women’s studies that three foreign delegates attended,” Anusua Sen pointed out. “On that ground, she has become a suspect. It is very unfair.”

Claiming that Binayak does not believe in the Naxalite ideology, but has always taught people to stand up for their rights, she said tribals, too, wanted to lead a proper  life. “But they are not allowed to.”

According to her, neo-liberalisation has spawned a group of middle-class people who were only interested in the share market and money-making ventures. “They think my son is an enemy of the country. Again, there are intelligent middle class people with a sense of value who have supported my son. I am confident that one day he will come out of prison.”

Explaining why Sen had gone to meet Maoist leader Narayan Sanyal, she said as a medical student, he had taken an oath to treat every patient.

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