Education aping West, says Kambara

Education aping West, says Kambara

Speaking at the release of books ‘Nalkane Ayama’ a compilation of 89 columns by Padmaraj Dandavati, Associate Editor, Prajavani, he said that the people do not want what is important for local needs.

“People think that any individual who has not studied in English is illiterate. They go to the extent to print wedding cards in English, even though they cannot read and write English,” he said.

Kambar criticised the functioning of the agriculture university saying the system of awarding degrees, PhDs and conducting research in the institutes is more influenced by the west than an and attempt to understand the needs of the farmers. “It can be observed in the research trends, which are more aimed at helping the corporate sectors,” he said.

He said newspapers should come out with truth and fact based reports without creating a sensation.

Manu Baligar, Director, Kannada and Culture Department recollecting one of the columns of Dandavati, said newspapers can influence the Government to bring in a change. K N Shanth Kumar, Editor, Prajavani was the Chief Guest on the occasion.