Want a promotion? Wait for Jan, Apr, Jul, says survey

Want a promotion? Wait for Jan, Apr, Jul, says survey

For professionals in India who want to get promoted within their company, three months - April, January and July - are the months in which they can get the chance, according to a study prepared by the world's largest professional online networking site, Linkedln.

There was a more pronounced quarterly schedule for promotions than in some other countries.

In September, there is a significant lift in promotions for professionals that listed management consulting as their industry on LinkedIn, more so than other industries.
"By shedding light on professional patterns, we hope to help our members achieve their career goals by using LinkedIn in the most effective and productive way possible," LinkedIn's chief scientist DJ Patil said.

Globally the top months for professionals to get promoted are January, July and September.
LinkedIn's data also revealed that the promotions cycle for professionals is gradually changing due in part to millennials or professionals that were born in the 1980s.

Millennials are the professionals who are the most likely to be promoted throughout the year (rather than just in January which is the case for most professionals).

In the 1990s, January was by far the best month to get promoted for all professionals around the globe. In the 2000s, data from LinkedIn showed that January is still the best month for promotions, but it's slowly losing its hold.

Over time, it's becoming increasingly likely that global professionals will get promoted during other months of the year.