Apathy mars Tudukur colony

Apathy mars Tudukur colony

Road to colony has not been asphalted for last 30 years

More than 12 families, who live in small huts in Tudukur colony have no drinking water supply, toilets, road and do not have title deeds for their land. They are striving literally in their stingy huts without basic facilities, but the people’s representatives did never bother to visit the colony.

There are about 35 families in the SC colony at Tudukur, which is two kilometres away from Aldur town.

Condition of all houses, except two, is very pathetic . As many as 12 of them have been built using bamboos and coconut fronds and need urgent attention. Though an electric line passes through the colony, the families do not have electricity connections.

Aldur gram panchayat had won the Nirmal Gram Puraskar, but only five out of 35 huts in the colony has toilets. Following this, residents, including women and children, are forced to go for open feces relieving themselves. Though there is a well in the colony, the water in it is not fit for consumption. Residents had suffered from throat infection, cough and other diseases after drinking the water taken from the well. Hence, they use the water only for washing clothes and vessels. The road to Tudukur has not been asphalted for the last 30 years.

Manjaiah, a resident of the colony says that those political leaders, who visit the colony during election campaigns, do not listen to their grievances after the election.