All in a day's work

A hot shot techie loses his bag upon arrival in Bangalore on a flight. From there on, he is led on a wild goose chase - not for his bag, but for his family and his sanity. Eventually, he has to pay a price, one that is neither expected nor necessary...

The director scoops Rajkumar Gupta and Neeraj Pandey’s ideas (Aamir and A Wednesday) with a slight variation thrown here and there. Which also allows for glaring bloopers. The intentions are good- it’s just that audacity and inexperience can’t be mixed well. This does not take away anything from the effort–as it is, the director is helped by a powerful story and Appu Venkatesh, who has a body to die for and who trained Rajkumar and Puneeth, shows promise, more in the second half; Rajeev Khandelwal’s vulnerability came through easily. One shortcoming that should be done away with is the inability of dialogue writers to capture the nuances or nativity of any language and its culture. Seenu becomes an object of derision and ridicule. Sample: “Idu order alla, aagne”! that comes during the climax.

Likewise, the director has focused on the shell, while leaving the cream of emotions, understandings and perceptions which Aamir and A Wednesday brought forth easily.
Revanna’s dialogue delivery is an irksome reminder of voiceovers in crime shows. One Day
highlights music director Vijayabhararthi’s brilliant background score and M Mahesha’s deft handling of the camera, with a good lighting sense .  One Day is a must watch for those who missed out Aamir and A Wednesday. 

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