To write or not to...

To write or not to...

Board Exams

Deep in Thought: Students writing their tenth standard exams.

Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal’s out-of-the-box idea of making the Class 10 board exams optional has received mixed reactions. An exam, which is supposed to be a preparation ground for the future, has been giving anxious moments for most youngsters. Which is why the proposal has been welcomed by many students and parents in the City.

Says Mayura, a technical manager, whose child is now in Class 10, “I have already started feeling the stress that a child goes through. Even though parents don’t consciously put pressure on the children, seeing the competition around, the stress unconsciously gets into both of them.”

The proposal also stated that the option of writing the exam is open for those students who want to go for a Pre-University course. It said, in case of a student pursuing the course in the same school, he or she need not appear in Class 10 exam to be promoted to Class 11. “This move will be highly beneficial as the child may now actually enjoy the process of learning,” adds Mayura.

A similar feeling is shared by many parents as well as students, who would be facing the Class 10 board exams this time. “It is a good decision by the government. Pressure should be given on learning and not on clearing the exam. Another reason why I like the decision is because I intend to continue in the same school. So it wouldn’t really make sense to take the board exam. Maybe it makes sense for those who are joining another school or college,” says Aditya, a Class 10 student.

Many argue that eventually a child must learn how to face an exam as it not only helps them cope with the competitive world but also makes them more confident to face situations. “Exams should be made compulsory, because Class 10 exam is not the only one that a student writes in his or her lifetime. They have so many more entrance exams to appear for, which are equally important. The tenth final exams prepare us for the years ahead,” says Radhika, another Class 10 student.

But Ritu, on the other hand, explains that exam pressure is perceived differently by each individual. “It is definitely better having an option as one gets the opportunity to relax.

Yes, an exam gives us the confidence to compete but it will not be reduced if one does not take it. I feel, more than the tenth board exam, importance should be given to entrance exams as that is what decides finally whether we are in or not,” adds Ritu, a Class 10 student.

Exams sure does keep a child prepared for the future to an extent but one will just have to wait and see how far  the option of not having it will help them.

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