Tuning in to Fortune

Tuning in to Fortune


entertaining A band member.

They wooed Bangaloreans with their power-packed performance and set the stage ablaze with their fiery music. Their music, classified as French pop with a feel of classic rock, was a treat to the audience who came in large numbers for the concert. Fortune has Lionel Pierres on the vocals, guitar, bass guitar and boards; Pierre Lucas on keyboards, bass guitar and background vocals; Herve Loos on drums and lastly, the charming François de Miomandre on guitar and bass guitar.

The concert began on an explosive note and many in the audience were surprised to hear them sing in English. Abhishek S, an audience member said, “I was expecting them to sing only in French but was pleasantly surprised when I heard them sing in English. I really liked the song Since You Are Gone. Their songs are easy to relate to  and pretty entertaining.
However, they tend to get a little monotonous after a while.” The first few songs did not see that great a response from the audience but with time, the infectious energy on stage was translated into a thundering applause and people thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Reike, an audience member appreciating the music, said, “Their music is awesome and I am enjoying every bit of it. I am very excited to be here and am looking forward to seeing their concert again in Bangalore. I hope they come back here.”

The band members too were rather excited to be in Bangalore and addressing the audience said, “We are very happy to be here and you can all come close and dance if you want to.” Dayaprasad, another admirer said, “It is a very honest mix of contemporary pop and rock. They have a lot of energy on stage and are a sheer delight musically. However, they should include a female member in the band. People would have liked them more if there was a softer sound as many people in the audience might have found them to be too loud.” True to Dayaprasad’s words, Ralph, an audience member, described their music as really loud.