Exploring new grounds

Exploring new grounds

Sharing ideas

The Hobby Club is one such club where the students meet to exchange and share their hobbies and learn new things. This club, that was started barely a year ago, has both students and faculty members who encourage learning of new art forms in dancing, singing, mehendi, embroidery, crochet, rangoli and cooking without fire.

Vidya, a faculty member who heads the club says, “It is a great opportunity for us to explore new horizons. We come up with innovative ideas to work and develop a new hobby. This club makes sure that none of the talents go waste. We learn a lot in the process and the sessions help in  enhancing skills. It contributes to the wholesome development of a student and provides an opportunity to mingle with our juniors and seniors,” says Vidya.

Says Shilpa, a first year BBM student, “The activities are quite exhaustive because the club has given us a lot of opportunities to explore new talents and help other students to learn new things which is a great stress buster.”

What’s unique about the club is that the students who teach other students also get to earn a small sum of money. This acts as an incentive and most students come forward and volunteer to teach.

“This is the best part about our hobby club, we earn a little bit of pocket money and that makes us happy. I have learnt the art of mehendi and cooking without fire,” says Durgi, a second year BSc student.  

The Hobby Club has 22 members who specialise in different forms of art and craft. Sandhya, a BSc student says, “We not only share our talent but are encouraged to develop new hobbies; experiment and explore the talent within.”

Sandhya adds that the in-house annual competition encourages a healthy competitive spirit among the students.  The team meets twice a week after class hours to plan for the week ahead.