Piglets born in breeding centre

Piglets born in breeding centre

The Yorkshire breed sow which gave birth to 17 piglets at the breding centre in Kalasa. The centre had brought16 foreign breed sows from Kerala four months ago. It gives birth to 6 - 17 piglets and responds to medicines which the veterinarians of the centre administer.

Two sows of Duroc breed of America have given birth to six piglets each. One of the England-based Yorkshire breed sows has set a record by giving birth to 17 piglets in the centre. A surprising fact is that 12 sows of Yorkshire breed have produced more than 100 piglets in the centre.

The centre, which was set up at a cost of Rs 30 lakh, was  non-functional for the last 11 years. Animal Husbandry Department Assistant Director Dr Pradeep took initiatives to develop the centre. Dr Pradeep and Dr Giridhar of the department visit the centre twice a day and treat the sows and piglets.

Assistants too extend their support and co-operation to develop the centre.

The department has fixed price for the piglets and those interested can buy three months-old piglets at Rs 1,700. Meanwhile, the price of piglets which are 3 - 7 months-old is Rs 3,500.

Those who are interested can contact Dr Pradeep on his mobile number 9448859755 to buy piglets.