'We are going to beat the Aussies'

'We are going to beat the Aussies'

Zealous fans

'We are going to beat the Aussies'

Excited: Edward Kirigha (in front) and Daniel Mitau.

“Surely, we are going to beat the Aussies. Why not?” is what most Kenyans have to say. They’ve all booked their tickets well in advance and will make their presence felt at the stadium on Sunday.

Metrolife spoke to a few Kenyans living the City to gauge their level of excitement.  Daniel Mitau, a second year B Com student of Garden City College says that for the last one week he and his friends from Kenya have been making posters and bringing out the Kenyan flag to support the team on Sunday. “I can’t wait to watch the Kenyan team play. We have already planned out everything – from buying tickets, wearing the team jerseys to heading out to the stadium with the flag,” says Daniel, whose favourite Kenyan player is Jimmy Kamande, the captain of the team.  It is a matter of pride for Edward Kirigha, another student from the same college.  “This is my first World Cup match and I am simply ecstatic as we have called our Kenyan friends from other colleges to join us as well. I am expecting a lot from Kamande and I really hope to see him hit a century. Even if we lose, I wish the team at least puts up a good and challenging game for the Australians,” he adds.

 Awio Ruth says she prefers the Indian team over the Kenyans. “Cricket is a fairly new sport in Kenya but the Indians are professionals. I am looking forward to the Kenyans playing. It will be a great experience for them,” says Awio, who is a science student at Indian Academy.

Ibula Job and Lule Donald, both management students from CMR College of Management, say they’ve already bought the tickets and will be heading with a gang of friends to the stadium, “We’ve been scouting around for tickets and have made plans for cheering the Kenyan team on Sunday. It’s sure going to be an exciting match.”

Whether it’s a win or not, the fact that the Kenyan team is here as part of the World Cup is a matter of joy. “They maybe the underdogs but for them to have come so far and play these games with so much enthusiasm is a pleasure to watch, and when in Bangalore they can surely count on our support,” sums up John Patrick, from Garden City College.