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learning experience Most students feel that internship is an indispensable part of college life.
Last Updated 14 May 2012, 14:29 IST

Summer vacation is in its last lap. While enjoying their holidays, some students have also taken up internship with organisations that suit their line of academics.

They believe that the experience they earn during the internship will give them an idea of what a real job would be like. They not only learn a lot during their internship but are also able to widen their contacts in the job market. Metrolife interacted with a few students who said that internship is an indispensable part of college life.

An internship not only trains and teaches students a great deal about the practical side of what is taught in a classroom, it makes these students become stronger individuals.

Seenu Sharma, an IAS aspirant who did her internship with ITI Ltd, says that it’s only when she did an internship did she realise how different the real world is from what is taught in the classroom. “College atmosphere is more secure but when you venture out into a corporate set-up, you learn how to deal with people and get your work done. Above all, you learn how to behave and be disciplined,” says Seenu.

Prasin Prakash, a second year MBA student with Kristu Jayanti College, who interned with Bosch, says it’s a different atmosphere altogether. “During an internship, you realise the importance of team work and how to organise your time and resources. I got a hands-on experience about recruitment and how important it is to apply your talent at the right time,” he informs.

He also points out that the people he worked with were very cooperative and more than willing to help. Sreeparna Roy, who is doing her second year PGDBM at the Mount Carmel Institute of Management, feels internship goes beyond the technical jargon. “It helps you build leadership qualities and polish your interpersonal and soft skills. During an internship, you tend to develop your own perspective towards the corporate world,” adds Sreeparna.

However, there are a few students like Tanmai Mahesh, a second year science student who is doing an internship in finance, quite unrelated to the stream she has opted for. “I’ve economics as one of my subjects and I thought an internship in finance would give me an insight into a different stream,” she reasons.

(Published 14 May 2012, 14:29 IST)

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