The big screen effect

The big screen effect


The weekend turned out to be lively, entertaining and unique in its own way for cricket fans in the City. And what better ambience than an open air, a cosy bean bag and a mug of chilled beer to enjoy a match.

People got an opportunity to watch the match between India and South Africa at the UB City amphitheatre.

The concept of watching a match on a big screen, in open air, was something unique and different explains Dr Sanjay Shirbur, the organiser.

“Whenever I sat down to watch a match over a cup of coffee with my friends, I felt there was a need for the right place and the right ambience to enjoy a match. It was an idea conceptualised by a group of friends to cater to a different atmosphere of watching a match.”

An interesting part about watching the match was that there was a DJ playing live music and cheerleaders who would cheer and entertain the audience whenever the players hit a four or a six or even scored a century. The DJ added a zing to the atmosphere and the cheerleaders with their groovy action stole the show.  

The crowd started pouring in only at dusk. There were people from all walks of life — corporates, students, retired officers, tourists, expats and children.  They clapped, cheered and screamed in support of the playing teams.

They were also treated to some mouth-watering delicacies and savouries like cotton candy, ice gola, pop corn, grilled fish cake, chicken and veg burger, chicken biryani and bhutte ka kabab.

The crowd also included a few tourists who had come to the City just to watch the match, Elinor, Simone and Zinzi from the UK who were present at the venue said, “We changed our plans and came here to watch the match. It feels nice to be watching a cricket match in the cool breeze with a mug of beer and free flowing snacks.”  

The corporates had a good time, “It seemed like a perfect weekend out for me. I couldn’t have found a better way to unwind than watching a match in such a special setting,” said Swatee, an IT professional. Her colleague Arpit nodded in agreement, “It feels different and nice to watch a match here and it feels just like home except for the large screen experience.”