It's eco-friendly, honey!


Imagine using yesterday’s newspaper as your table top, front door or even as a false ceiling! Well, that's exactly this new technology is all about. Old newspapers, normally perceived by most as trash, has been given an extraordinary status by making it into honeycombs.

 Says M P Naren, a designer, inventor, and a social engineer, who creates these, “In terms of saving our forests, these statistics are an eye-opener, one square foot of product, made of wood, needs 20 kg of wood from our forests and on the other hand, the same one square foot volume of product made of paper honeycomb only needs 200 grams of wood.”
And exactly how did this idea spring up? Says Naren, “For years, I was satisfied being a designer who used various materials, just like any other designer. Then a constructive dissatisfaction shifted my focus from design to a passion for creating new materials that other designers could use. That's where it all started. My passion for the history of innovative material creation led me back to the Second World War, during which time honeycomb was used, basically for its strength to weight ratio in the construction of fighter aircraft fuel tanks.”

Says he, “Honeycomb, interestingly, is nature’s discerning choice for the most optimum and most structurally stable creation from the common beehive.”

“The hexagon, in its integrated clustered configuration, naturally configured across all nature creations. These two observations made me focus on paper honeycomb, where paper is stuck together in hexagon cross-section using glue made from starch,” he adds. And possibilities and innovations with these products are endless, “Paper honeycomb world over is being used for packaging, furniture and building industry. But being a pilot project, we are still innovating and experimenting in our R&D division,” he says

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