Now, 'super' wash in just 12 minutes

Now, 'super' wash in just 12 minutes

All your worries related to washing those piles of clothes may now take a backseat as scientists have developed a new washing machine that cleans clothes in just 12 minutes.

The ‘super rapid’ programme on the Russell Hobbs machine makes it nearly eight times faster than the average 90-minute wash cycle, reports the Sun.

It could save users two years and four months worth of doing the washing over a lifetime.

Also, a massive 212,415 gallons of water—enough to fill 17 swimming pools—will no longer be needed.
And, household energy consumption could be cut by 30 per cent.

The £247 machines use a twin jet system that “injects” dirty washing with a water and detergent mix, speeding up the cleaning process. They can cope with a normal family wash and the programme is unsuitable only for heavily soiled clothes such as greasy mechanic’s overalls.

Asda store chain’s Nicky Cox said: “This incredible range, currently the speediest in the land, will help families save time, energy and money.”