Dermatologist claims he fathered Jacko's kids

Dermatologist claims he fathered Jacko's kids

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Dr Arnold Klein, Jackson’s dermatologist for last 25 years, is reportedly planning to apply for the guardianship of Prince Michael, 12 and Paris, 11 and consulting his lawyers about his options.

“Arnie is planning to fight for custody of Prince Michael and Paris. He says he can prove he is their father with Debbie,” a close friend of the doctor told Sunday Mirror.

Klein was Debbie Rowe’s boss when she married Jackson in 1996 and he has never outrightly rejected claims about being the secret sperm donor for Prince and Paris, who many point out have a close physical resemblance to the doctor.

Jackson’s mother Katherine, 79, was awarded temporary custody of Prince Michael, Paris and the singer’s youngest child, son Blanket, after his death.

Jackson left his estimated US $ 500 million fortune to his three children and his 2002 will, which names Katherine and soul diva Diana Ross as children’s guardian, provides for a substantial amount to the caretaker. Klein’s claim is likely to add more confusion to the custody battle.

The doctor, openly gay, lives alone in a 3-million-pound, 30-room Los Angeles mansion after splitting recently from his lover, the newspaper said.

Though he has alway given cryptic answers about the paternity of Jackson’s three children, he has told close friends that he fathered the children through artificial insemination with Rowe after a secret deal with Jackson. The source said Jackson singled out Klein as a sperm-donor because of his intelligence and high IQ.

“Arnie has told his close friends he is Prince Michael and Paris’s father for years, while never giving a straight answer in public.

“He says he was paid nothing for the sperm but was paid for keeping the information confidential. The kids have grown up with ‘Uncle Arnie’ visiting the house and spending holidays with them. He has always said he loves Michael’s children, and remarked on how they are the most amazing kids he has ever met,” the source added.

Jackson’s mother, brothers and sisters reportedly dislike Klein as they believe that he manipulated the pop star with his smooth-talking ways and prescribed strong painkillers, which reportedly played a role in his death.

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