'Globalisation' of Indian accountants need of the hour: ICAI

'Globalisation' of Indian accountants need of the hour: ICAI

"India is growing at a rapid pace, a lot of FDI is flowing into the country, Indian companies are setting offices abroad, acquiring firms and merging it to grow bigger and global. In the light of these developments, it is important that Indian accountants also globalise", ICAI President G Ramaswamy said on the sidelines of the Branch Audit meeet organised by the Bangalore chapter of the Southern India Regional Council (SIRC) of the ICAI.

In order to achieve this, ICAI had tied up with many accounting institutes and it recently signed an MoU with the Canadian Institute for Chartered Accountants, he said. "We are also working with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered accountants", he said.

Talking about the growing opportunities for CAs, he said "The IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is expected to throw ample opportunities for CAs in India". The Institute has already trained around 2,607 members through a 100 hour intensive training programme for being prepared for adoption of the IFRS to meet the future requirement, he said.

Explaining the attractive remuneration on offer, he said the average entry level salary of Rs nine lakh per annum is expected to scale up to Rs 20 lakh in the next five years.
"Last year during a campus recruitement programme organised by the Institute, three candidates barely in their early twenties were offered Rs 21 lakh per annum for an international posting. For domestic psoting, the best offer received was Rs 15 lakh per annum", he said.

The ICAI has also set up an IFRS Implementation committee which envisages to involve a number of CAs in the implementation of IFRS across the countries, he said.
"CAs are in huge demand, not only in the financial sector but also in BPOs, KPOs and software firms", Ramaswamy said. Going forward with the implementation of the IFRS, a huge amount of outsourcing work is expected to come to India.

The ICAI has already entered into an agreement with the IFRs council of Japan for ousourcing of accounting work, he said, adding one of India's software majors is estimated to have hired 800 CAs in its BPO and around 2,000 overall. Talking about various initiatives of ICAI, he said it had written to the Central Government to empower it to act against erring firms after suitably amending the relevant Act, to avert big coporate frauds like the Satyam scam.