Decison whether or not to enter politics after June: Ramdev

Decison whether or not to enter politics after June: Ramdev

However, he will not seek power or any post, if at all a "platform" was formed, Ramdev told reporters here.

Alleging that the corrupt political system was the bane of India and his movement wanted to cleanse the system in a few years, Ramdev said he would field 534 candidates for the next Lok Sabha polls.

They could be from different political parties or fields, who would be clean, non-corrupt and work to wipe out corruption from the country,he said.

Once these candidates are elected, the face of India will change totally to become a corruption-free and clean Nation, he claimed.

He wondered why corruption took "backstage" on the election plank in Tamil Nadu, particularly in view of the 2G spectrum scam and instead freebies were playing a major role.

Claiming that he was successful in bringing in some villagers to the mainstream in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Assam and also Andhra Pradesh, by providing free yoga classes and also by means for self-employment, Ramdev said  he would soon start such measures in remote villages of Tamil Nadu also.

On the term "Saffrom terrorism", Ramdev, here to organise a yoga class, said saffron was the uniform of saints who practiced nationalism and not terrorism.