'New dam may submerge agri land in 8 villages'

Addressing reporters on behalf of Thumbe Vented Dam Action Committee at the Pathrika Bhavan here on Tuesday, Poonja said that agricultural land, houses, temples, mosques, churches, schools and madarassas in the region will be inundated if Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) authorities construct a vented dam of 7 meter height at Thumbe.

Farmlands in Brahmarakotlu, Kuppila, Thumbe, Kaikunje, Bantwala, Mooda, Bakribettu, Sajipamunnuru, Nandavara, Aladka, Panemangalooru and Narikombu will also be submerged after the completion of the project.

“Hence, the Corporation should make necessary changes in the plan and construct a vented dam of 5 meter height,” he demanded.

Poonja said that farmers and residents in the region will not be affected much if the height of the proposed new vented dam was reduced to 5 meters. He alleged that the authorities concerned did not conduct proper survey with regard to the geographical impact of new vented dam on the region before the commencement of work. “Officials neither communicate with the farmers in the region, nor disclose officially on how many acres of farmland out of 911 acres in the region will be submerged after the completion of the work.

They also did not take people into confidence with regard to rehabilitation and compensation,” he said.

“Authorities concerned should conduct the survey immediately and mark places which will be submerged by the project. The government also has the responsibility to provide compensation to people who will be affected by the project,” he added.

Action Committee conveners Ummer Farooq, Subrahmanya Bhat and Idinabba were present.

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