CBI team inspects AGK mines in AP

CBI team inspects AGK mines in AP

The team led by CBI DIG V V Lakshminarayana, inspected 68.52 hectares belonging to the Anantapuram Mining Company in the AGK mining area. It gathered information on the extent of mined area, the grade of the available ore and the boundaries of the mining areas.

The CBI team also collected ore samples at various places in the AGK mining area. They also verified the map and the documents in possession of the officials of the forest department and the mines and geology department with the actual mining area.

CBI Superintendent of Police H Venkatesh, special officer R M Khan and seven other officials were part of the inspection team.

Later, at the forest department guest house in Bellary, Lakshminarayana told reporters that the probe which began in January had now reached a certain stage.

Comprehensive details about the Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) owned by Janardhana Reddy and five other companies had been collected, he said. OMC Managing Director Srinivasa Reddy and many others had been questioned as part of the investigation, Lakshminarayana said.

Notices had been issued to 65 mining companies in Karnataka, seeking details of their business in the last 10 years, he said.

All the companies had replied to the notices and had given details on the grade of the ore mined by them, ore export and the agreements made with other companies.
The heads of mining firms facing charges of illegal mining are being questioned, said Lakshminarayana.

The team will hold inspections of the mining areas of OMC 1 and 2, Anantapuram Mining Company in AGK mining area, Y Mahabaleshwarappa and Sons and Bellary Iron Ore Private Limited over the next couple of days.

Details about the mining contract in these mining areas and the licences are being collected. Also, information about the past and present status of the mining areas are being gathered.

Lakshminarayana said the investigation would be completed in the next few days.