Fight corruption in real life too: Anupam Kher

Fight corruption in real life too: Anupam Kher

"Just like we fight against injustice in reel life and there is victory of good over evil at the end, we have to fight against corruption and injustice in real life too. People's power should prevail," Kher said.

Kher, along with filmmaker Pritish Nandy, showed up at the Jantar Mantar here to express solidarity with social reformer Anna Hazare, whose fast-unto-death for a stringent anti-corruption law entered its fourth day Friday.  He sat right in front of the dais where Hazare was reclining.

“I have come here not as a film star, but as a citizen of the country. We are here to support Anna," Kher said.

Over a thousand people flocked the Jantar Mantar area early in the day in support of Hazare. Wearing badges and waving the national flag and placards, the mood at the site was simply electrifying.

Hazare says the Lokpal Bill in its present form is toothless and his supporters have drafted a separate Jan Lokpal Bill taking into account the views and suggestions from civil society and common people and want its enactment.