The pure sound of the flute

The pure sound of the flute


The pure sound of the flute

MELODIOUS: Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. DH photo

Classical music has its own following in every place and even though it is not evident in every day life, the love for the traditional music was more than obvious at a concert by popular flautist Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia in the City recently. 

The concert that was organised at Chowdiah Memorial Hall was part of the
‘Maestro’s Choice’ series. It seemed like a perfect family outing and those who were there were well-versed in music.   

After the felicitation of the legendary musician and the formal lamp lighting ceremony, Hari Prasad Chaurasia took centre stage.

He began the show with Kiravani. To say that the music was beautiful, would be underestimating the power of the flute.

He was joined on stage by other musicians who gave him excellent support as he performed but it was the magic of his talent that had the audience glued to their seats.
The sound of the flute filled the auditorium. The music was sweet and moving and
it was hard to think about anything else other than the music during the concert.

The aalapna of the kiravani was extended, thanks to the interest shown by the crowd who wanted him to play on.

The concert was a blend of various ragas with a small pause between them.

It was almost magical to see him perform, sitting under the bright lights in the auditorium, while the darkness enveloped everything else.

The music was very soft and also calming and he played effortlessly bringing out some of the most complicated of ragas to life. After over an hour of playing, he asked the audience if they had any requests.

Many Carnatic ragas were suggested by the people sitting in the crowd to which he joked, “All of you only want southern ragas, no northern ones?”

He chose to play the Hamsadhwani va ta pi tune, which was truly mesmerising.

After a few more requests, the last piece that he played was the popular Raag
Pahadi, which held everyone in a complete trance.