No end in sight to graduates' long wait

Six years over, Womens University still waiting for its maiden convocation ceremony

The university, started in 2003 covering 12  districts of the State, has not held its convocation even once till now. It’s a long wait for over 400 post graduates and more than 10,000 graduates who are yet to receive their degree certificates.
According to Section 68, 69, 49(1)P of the Karnataka State Universities Act 2000, the universities have to conduct convocation every year. All the other 17 universities in the State conduct convocations every year. The newly started Tumkur University too has held its convocation.

However, the Women’s University of Bijapur has not held it even once in the six years of its existence. This year the first-ever convocation was scheduled to be held on August 1. Former Governor Rameshwar Thakur had confirmed his participation.

Reputed agriculture scientist Swaminathan was invited as the chief guest and he too had accepted the invitation. The University Board of Administration had issued notification to this effect and had printed the certificates and invitations.

Meanwhile, Governor Thakur was moved to Madhya Pradesh and H R Bharadwaj took over as the the new Governor and when the university administration contacted him, it was found that he was not free on August 1.

Waiting for confirmation

A message from his office said a further date would be confirmed later. Rafee Bhandari, syndicate member of the University, said that ‘as the Governor is also the Chancellor of the university we are awaiting his confirmation.”

Meanwhile, as the university had already issued the notification about the convocation, around 3,000 students had submitted their applications. It was decided to present degree certificates to 900 students and gold medals to 100 students at the convocation.

Doctorate for Gangubai

The university had announced honourary doctorate to classical singer Gangubai Hangal and she was very eager to attend the convocation. On several occasions she had openly announced that she was eager to go to Bijapur to receive the honourary doctorate from the Women’s University. That wish was not fulfiled and now with her demise it will not come true at all. “If the university had held convocations regularly, by now around 20 achievers would have received honourary doctorates,” lament education lovers.
If all goes as planned now, the convocation will be held in September. Until then it is some more waiting for the graduate girls.

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