Everything under one roof

Everything under one roof

Tangy touch

Enjoying: A customer relishing the food. DH photos by Kishor Kumar Bolar

When you walk by on that street, it’s hard to miss this place as you can find a huge group of students and working professionals crowded outside where the tables are kept.
Though the board outside the eatery says ‘Chinese Fast Food’, everything from Indian snacks and meals to juice is available at this eatery.

This eatery was started four years ago by S R Sounderaju and now it has turned out to be a thriving business. He says, “Many friends of mine are in the food business and they had given me this idea to open a place here. My family is into farming. So I do not have much experience in this. But this is like a part-time business which I have.” And this has become a popular hangout for the people in this area who still call the place ‘Mohan’s’, the person who used to own the building a good 25 years back. 

For a place this small, it has a rather extensive menu. One can be spoilt for choice with the starters.

You can snack on a plate of chicken starters in different flavours like pepper, chilly and manchurian.

The vegetarian versions like baby corn, mushroom or paneer items are equally mouth watering.

If one opts for a meal, one can have the Indian chicken and vegetarian curries with as many as 20 varieties like Egg Curry Masala, Kadai Curry, Paneer Butter Masala etc to name a few.

This can be eaten with the roti items like rumali roti and chapathi or rice items. The place also offers the extra spicy and tangy Andhra style food.  One should especially try the Palak Paneer and Mushroom Masala, which will keep you wanting for more.

Apart from this, there are the Chinese gravy varieties to choose from apart from the other Chinese items like the ‘Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice’ and noodles.

And to cater to the vegetarian crowd, they have introduced vegetarian gravies like palak, paneer, methi and others.

And if you are in the mood for a quick snack, there are the variety of rolls to choose from.
These rolls come in different stuffings like egg, chicken, vegetables.

There’s a special roll called ‘Katti Roll Chicken’, which has double stuffing of the ingredients in it. Apart for this, the place also has a juice stall where you can get all varieties of fresh fruit juice.

There is nothing more satisfying than a plate of good and tasty food and a glass of ice-cold juice.

Says Goutham, a student of Christ College, “We come here everyday during our lunch break and even after class. The food here is very reasonably priced and we can be sure that we won’t exceed our daily budget. Moreover, the food we get here is tasty.” His friend, Anirudh agrees, “The best part is we can get every type of food at one single place.”