Make trains rat-free, Congress leader requests Mamata

Make trains rat-free, Congress leader requests Mamata

"I was personally shocked at spotting several rats during a recent journey in the Kerala-bound Rajadhani Express from Mumbai. Several other passengers and associations have intimated me of the problems of rats, cockroaches and other insects," said Guru S. Nair, vice-chairman of the cultural cell of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, in a memorandum submitted to Banerjee.

"The free run of rats create serious hygienic problems, especially in the pantry car. Children are scared of train journey (due to presence of rats). I urge you to take immediate action," he said in the letter.

Nair said he saw some travellers from abroad expressing shock at the inaction of the railway authorities regarding the rat problem. "The image of the country and the railways will be hit if immediate corrective measures are not taken," he added.

"We have received several complaints from passengers of the Mangala Express, the Netravati Express, Garib Raths and other trains. It is a sad state of affairs for the passengers, especially children and women, who feel insecure," he said.

"The uninterrupted movement of rats and cockroaches near pantry cars could contaminate food and cause serious health problems," the Congress leader said in his letter.