Flushed with success

Flushed with success

Remarkable feat

Many students have done well but there are some who have done exceptionally well and outshone others.Metrolife shares the success stories – the preparation pattern and hard work – of the students from science, commerce and arts streams  

Arts toppers
Vijayamba R (93.8%)
Christ Junior College

Getting a second rank in arts stream is a dream come true for Vijayamba. “I am very excited and really happy. Finally, my hard work has paid off,” she says. “My parents are extremely happy with the result,” she adds. Her combination was economics, sociology, political science and psychology. “I planned my studies in advance and also made sure that I got no tension,” she says. “I think being calm is the key,” she adds. Vijayamba uses up her free time to learn music.

“I have been learning Carnatic music for the past ten years and also regularly take part in co-curricular activities,” she says. She plans to do bachelors in psychology, economics and sociology from Christ University.  “I want to major in psychology later on,” she informs.

Revathi Rajagopal (93%)
Christ Junior College

Her family members were elated when they heard the news that Revathi had excelled in arts stream by scoring 558 marks.

“Everyone in the family is happy and relatives have started wishing and congratulating me. It’s all because of my hard work and God’s blessing,” says a thrilled Revathi. She says that  consistent study throughout the year has given her fruitful results.

“Though I was interested in music, I put a pause to my hobby as I was concentrating on studies. I would like to thank my parents, grandparents and teachers who played a major role in my success,” she says.

Revathi, who wants to pursue a career in teaching, wants to join Christ University for B A course.

Commerce toppers

Harshini P (98.3%)
Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College

Securing 590 marks in commerce, Harshini is the second topper in the State. She scored an impressive cent per cent in accountancy, mathematics and statistics. “I can’t express my feelings now. I am totally in an ecstatic state. I was waiting for the result with my fingers crossed. Now, I am totally relaxed,” she says. It is noteworthy that she achieved this feat without going to any tuition classes.

“I used to revise the subjects taught in the college regularly. My father is a businessman and he was keen that I studied. Teachers were always there to clear my doubts,” she explains. She wants to join Sri Bhagawan Jain Evening College for the B Com degree and wants to become a chartered accountant.

Sahana M Prasad (97.3%)
Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College

Sahana M Prasad has scored a total of 584 and 100 each in accountancy and
statistics. She says commitment, regular study and support from the family have been her successs factors.

“I am very happy after knowing my result. I was expecting above 95 per cent, and my marks have made me really happy. I would definitely celebrate the success with my parents, friends and close relatives,” she exclaims.

“I started my preparations from day one and I was studying two to three hours everyday. I joined a crash course during summer vacation which helped me understand the subjects better. When I finished SSLC, everyone advised me to take up science, but I was interested in commerce. My father supported me all the way,” she shares.

She wants to pursue B Com degree from the same college and become a chartered accountant later on. She suggests her juniors to study two to three hours everyday in order to excel in the exam.

Science toppers

Akshay G Joshi (97.8%)
Kumarans Composite PU  College

Akshay was in for a surprise when he got the results. After all, scoring a 100 per cent in four subjects in no small feat. “I am very happy. I had not expected so much. Especially not in a language. I knew I had done well but to score 100 is something else,” he says.

Akshay scored a total of 97.8 per cent and 99.85 in science. “I studied six hours everyday and revised my college and tuition notes which I had prepared,” he says. But it is not all studies and no play for him. “I play cricket with my friends and also do a little gardening,” he says. Going ahead, he wants to pursue engineering. “I have written the CET and COMEDK and the rest depends on these results,” he says. “I want to get into either PES Institute of Technology or BMS College of Engineering,” he adds. His parents too are overjoyed. “They might gift me a bike as a present,” he says happily.

Megha P (97%)
Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College

Megha P is on cloud nine as she is one of the toppers in science stream. “When I came to know about the result, it triggered celebrations at home. My parents are happy and they started informing relatives and family friends,” she says excitedly.

Explaining about her preparations, she avers, “I planned out everything at the beginning of the academic year and studied accordingly. My hard work and confidence acted as the key factors in achieving this success.”

“I would like to thank my parents and teachers who supported me all the way. I want to pursue medical course and for that I am waiting for the CET results,” she adds.

As told to Rajani Hegde and Sonal Sher