Friday release

Friday release


The much expected Kool...Sakkath Hot Maga, the debut directorial of Ganesh, has finally hit the screens.  It is the second home production of the Golden Star and he has roped in Ratnavelu as the cameraman for the movie.

Promising to be different from his previous ventures, Kool is a college love story starring Ganesh and Sana Khan in the lead.

Watch out for V Harikrishna’s catchy tunes and Ratnavelu’s cinematography. The movie also stars Deepa Shetty, Sangeetha Shetty, Sadhu Kokila, Sharan, Dattanna and


Looks like ‘Loose Mada’ Yogesh is on a roll. Last couple of weeks have seen two of his movies –– Hudugaru and Dhool –– release.

This week, the audience will be treated to yet another Yogesh starrer Devdas.
Produced by H M Krishnamurthy and directed by Shanthakumar, Devdas has nothing to do with classic Hindi movie.

The movie has a young love story.  Watch out for a popular yesteryear song that is being used in this movie.

The movie also stars Nathanya and Janal Pandey in the lead. Arathi Puri,  Rangayana Raghu, Ramesh Bhat, Aravind, Pramila oshai and Kushal Gowda are also part of the cast. Joshua Sridhar has scored the music.