Hoardings come under CMC scanner

Hoardings come under CMC scanner

Advertisers are usually charged according to the price value of the stretch. The price for the advertisements is charged per square feet depending on the stretch that is chosen by the advertiser. The advertiser or the company should pay lump sum amount per square feet on main roads when compared to small and connective stretches.  

Speaking to Deccan Herald, City Municipal Corporation President Kiran Kumar informed the decision has been taken to call tender for every individual area and set price accordingly. A list comprising the names of advertisers and the companies has been prepared and action will be taken accordingly.

The tenure for each advertiser ends once the period of contract is over.

However, there are many advertisers who are continuing despite their term of contract has expired.

Immediate measures will be taken against those who violated the terms and conditions, he added.

As per the new initiative, the advertisers have to go for tender and later sign up the new contract with City Municipal Corporation.