Age-old waterbody in ruins

Nagarakunte, in the heart of the Kolar, reduced to dumping yard

IN RUINS: Nagarakunte, a waterbody lies in a state of utter neglect in Kolar. DH photo

Nagarakunte, a waterbody adjacent to Nanjundeshwara temple in the City has now been converted into a dumping yard. The waterbody was constructed hundreds of years ago, during the rule of Mysore kingdom. The rainwater collected at Antaragange used to reach Nagarakunte through four canals. The waterbody was constructed at the time of formation of Kolar City and it was a prime source of potable water for the residents at that time.

 In fact, it was fenced on all the directions with the objective of protecting a source of drinking water. Teppotsava of Nanjundeswara deity was also being held in this pond.
Unfortunately, the potential of the waterbody remains unexploited over the course of time. A possible source of water, which was constructed even before the constitution of the Kolar City Municipal Council, now lies in utter state of disregard. Since no efforts were made to keep the canals supplying water to Nagarakunte clean, the water flow stopped and the Nagarakunte dried up owing to shortage of water.

The centuries’ old waterbody constructed with foresight is now reduced to a garbage dumping  yard. Even the debris of the building that are demolished for renovation or reconstruction is being dumped into this pond. Shrubs and weeds have grown unhindered, as a testimony to the negligence displayed by the successive centres of power.

There was a plan to handover the place to Tirumala Tirupati trust for construction of a temple. Funds were also raised for the purpose. However, the plan was shelved for some reason and the senior citizens of the City now recall that the money collected was also refunded.


A fencing was put up around Nagarakunte following pressure mounted up by the local residents in 1980s.

The fencing itself has now disappeared, thus paving way for unbridled encroachment.
Kolar has been facing acute drinking water shortage. Yaragol project, has been designed to address the problem and the work on the multicrore project has also started. There are also demands to sink borewells in Narasapura tank to ensure water supply to
the City.

Groundwater has hit the nadir and one can’t find water even after digging thousands of feet. Waterbodies such as Nagarakunte become vital while redressing problems related to water scarcity.

Attempts should be made to rejuvenate this centuries’ old pond and exploit its potential to impound water. The measures assume more importance in view of the water shortage plaguing the City.

DH News Service

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