Home Ministry examining Governor's report

Home Ministry examining Governor's report

The Ministry is looking into the details on what ground the Governor recommended imposition of President's rule and keep the Assembly under suspended animation, official sources said today.

A note will be prepared and put before the cabinet for a final decision, the sources said, indicating that the Union Cabinet would meet soon to discuss the issue.

The Governor, who has been having a troubled relationship with the Karnataka Government, has sent a "special" report to the Centre yesterday recommended a spell of President's Rule and for keeping the Assembly in suspended animation.

The report from Bhardwaj comes in the wake of Supreme Court reversing the Karnataka High Court decision of disqualifying 11 BJP rebel MLAs and five independents ahead of the October 10, 2010 floor test in the Assembly.

Yeddyurappa, whose party earlier in the day claimed that the crisis was over with the rebels extending support to his government, has attacked the Governor and urged the President not to give in to his recommendation.

Yeddyurappa has said the BJP had a majority in the House and the Governor was playing a political game at the behest of Congress and the JD(S).

The Chief Minister said he had written a letter to President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking them not to accept the Governor's report.

Party leader Arun Jaitley said here yesterday that the BJP government enjoyed the majority in the Karnataka Assembly and has the support of at least 121 MLAs in the 224-member House with the return of the 11 party rebels.

Attacking the Governor, he said that the state government has asked for the convening of the Assembly session tomorrow, "which he (Bhardwaj) is not allowing".