They are hard of hearing, but hard working

They are hard of hearing, but hard working

All of them have passed in the first class. B M Yeshwanth and C J Harish have scored 304 out of 425 (71.53 pc), the highest in the school. The other students with notable performances are B Basavarju (68.47 pc), K Mohan (66.82 pc), K P Abhishek (65.65 pc), R Mahesh (63.76 pc), M Keshav (63.06 pc), C Nandish (61.65 pc) and M Abdul Khader (61.41 pc).

These students are from different parts of the State and have adopted themselves well to the atmosphere in the school. Their achievement is no mean as they had to learn the alphabets through sign language and by observing the lip movement of the teachers.

What is noteworthy is that these students want to shape their livelihood on their own and not be a burden on their parents. These students have also dabbled with painting, computer training and other activities.

The 11 teachers of the school have contributed in no small measure for the feat of the nine students, tutoring them right from class I. Words are introduced to them by showing pictures and through lip movement. It is indeed a challenging test of patience for them.

The Sairanga School has already held discussions with JSS Polytechnic for the Disabled and other institutions with regard to the further education of these students.

The school provides education and lodging free of cost to the students. Call 0821-2513755 or 93421 12736 for details.