You can now know man in driver's seat

You can now know man in driver's seat

Cops make it mandatory for auto drivers to display DL

what’s it? Autorickshaw drivers reading the banner put up at railway station, informing about the new order, in Mysore. dh photo

In yet another passenger friendly initiative, Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal has issued an order making it mandatory for the autorickshaw drivers/ owners to display their driving licence (DL).

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) P Rajendra Prasad told Deccan Herald, the move aims at making the passengers feel more secure. As the DL consists of all the details- from name to address and also the photograph of the person, the travellers will be definitely aware of the drivers basic details. In case of any untoward incidents, the details will come to their rescue. Also, if anybody leaves behind their property, it will come
in handy for them again.

The transport operators who will be wary of all these advantages for passengers, will be cautious while dealing with the latter henceforth. Apart from DL, they have to also furnish telephone numbers on the same.

To make it further convenient in the case of autos being handled by different drivers in shifts, the display card will be designed in such a way that the DL could be easily fitted and removed. Already, a format of display card has been put up at prepaid auto counters in City Railway Station and KSRTC Sub-urban bus stand, besides traffic police stations here.

The card, which may be of eight to nine inches size, will be issued at the traffic police stations, but the owners have to pay for the facility. It will not burn holes in their pockets, as it may cost between ` 100 and ` 150, the officer clarified. The ignorance will prove costly for the owners. They will have to  pay the fine amount.

To avail the card, the autorickshaw owners have to compulsorily produce permits issued by RTO. This norm in particular, helps checking of those three-wheelers who have been non-chalantly running on the roads. Another most important benefit is, it also brings relief in case of any  casualty in mishaps. The law says that the passengers travelling in a permit auto only, is eligible for compensation too.

Earlier, when the numbering system was launched, it was the same norm that gave the cops the number of autos close to reality. There are nearly 12,000 autorickshaws running on permits against 17,000  calculated in vague earlier. When the autos were brought under numbering (with stickers carrying numbers and names of mohallas- Krishnaraja, Narasimharaja and Chamaraja with different colours in the background) such ‘illegal’ autos were phased out.