NSS open unit launched

NSS open unit launched

“The open unit is first of its kind in the State. It will work towards helping the society,” said KSLU Registrar Vijay Kumar Gogi after inaugurating the programme.

He said that with technology one can reach the skies anytime but it is necessary to stay on earth for which one has to take care of the natural resources like food, water and air.

“As a student, people are involved in social service activities but as professionals one becomes more money minded. It is necessary that people think for the benefit of the society. One lamp can light thousand lamps similarly one mind can enlighten thousands,” said Mangalore Bar Association President S P Chengappa.

He said that it is necessary that a group is formed to visit different schools and colleges to make people aware of basic rights and RTI.

“Before one thinks of cleansing the society, it is necessary to cleanse one’s mind and body,” said NSS Nodal Officer Naresh M.